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We believe in the power of small business in local communities and its comprehensive impact on the national and global economy. The WellTech vision is to transform the concept of small business into growing business by equipping business owners with a data-driven innovative strategic plan. Our mission is to introduce big business strategy, tools and techniques to traditional business owners.

About Makeda Coleman


As the founder of WellTech Innovations Group, I firmly believe in the significance of empowering local businesses as a fundamental driver of economic growth and prosperity. Growing up in a family of business owners, I gained firsthand insight into the unique challenges and hurdles that small businesses face in achieving growth, profitability, and long-term sustainability.

Over my 20+ years corporate career, I’ve had the privilege of shaping the strategic direction and objectives of renowned Fortune 500 organizations. Leveraging a diverse skill set across various disciplines, my achievements have revolved around devising and implementing initiatives that address complex business issues by orchestrating transformations in people, processes, and technology. These efforts have been consistently aimed at driving growth, profitability, and enriching customer experiences.

With a distinctive blend of expertise in sales strategy, sales leadership, program management, and change management, I am deeply passionate about introducing innovative ideas to the market. My extensive background in business strategy, sales optimization, client experience enhancement, retention strategies, and business transformation positions me to develop tailored strategies to propel your venture forward.  I am passionate about helping clients gain their competitive advantages and thrive in their respective markets.


Mercy University Bachelor Of Science in Organizational Leadership

Mckinsey Leadership Academy

Business Strategy & Execution, and Problem Solving


Prosci© Change Management Practitioner

Six Sigma Lean Green Belt 

Kaizen Facilitator


Property and Casualty (TX)

Life, Accident and Health (TX)


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